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Call Back Button and Conversion Tracking

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Advertisements are the lifeblood of businesses today. It offers great benefits in the form of reach, sales, and promotion. However, it is important to understand how customers interact with each ad. This helps to invest time and money in the most effective ad. This is where the conversion tracking feature turns effective. The conversion tracking from call back button helps to spot which clicks have turned to conversions.

Firstly, we should know what a conversion is. Conversion refers to the actions that a customer is expected to take. It can be:

  • • Purchase

  • • Signing of newsletter

  • • Calling your number

Conversion tracking feature helps to monitor these customer actions. As a result, it enables the business to grow. Moreover, analyzing conversion data helps to refine your marketing campaigns. Conversion tracking offers many benefits.

Greater ROI

Conversion tracking helps to get a great return on investment (ROI) from your ads. This is because companies are able to understand which campaigns are effective. Hence, they can invest their time and money in them more.

Improve your website

Certainly, websites with poor content will let down customers. They will move back from your brand upon finding that the website does not match with what the ad has offered. Since conversion tracking closely analyzes customer journey, it helps to improve your website content. It also identifies high-performing keywords. As a result, it reduces the cost per ad as well.

CallmeBack’s Conversion Tracking

CallmeBack widget is one of the best call back button in the market. It offers a range of features to help you track your web visitor. Most importantly, its conversion tracking facility helps you to assess the number of interactions through live campaigns. This can be done by simply copy-pasting the conversion code to the admin area. Thereby, it helps to keep track of the pages per visit to the session duration.

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