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Call back button on website and phone calls - Why?

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There are a number of communication channels now available in the market. Businesses use these channels for maintaining positive customer relations. However, despite the coming in of social media and instant messaging, phone calls still continue to be a key tool. Besides, 60% of customers prefer to contact small businesses through phone calls. In other words, customers mostly prefer verbal interactions. This further points to the need for a call back button on business websites. So, don't you think that a call back button on your website is helpful?

Let us look further into the need for phone calls and call back buttons on your website.

High mobile usage

There are currently 3.5 billion smartphone users across the globe. Also, over half of the customers use their mobiles to discover new products and services. In other words, people are mostly on their phones. Therefore, providing a call back button on your website will increase your chances of customer contact. Further, people want instant solutions to their problems. A call back button will save the valuable time of both customers and companies. It also increases the professionalism of companies.

Efficient customer handling

Over 57% of people prefer talking to a real person while contacting a business. This is interesting when seen in the light of technology like interactive voice response (IVR). A chatbot may be able to handle all simple customer questions. But complex queries do require human interaction. In fact, people still consider phone calls as a trusted tool for service.

Why CallmeBack is the no.1 call back button?

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