How Call Back Button on your Website Accelerates Conversion Rates

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Instant gratification of customer needs has become one of the major priorities of businesses. These companies, whether big or small, leverage advanced digital marketing strategies to generate traffic on their website. However, increasing traffic becomes unmanageable for the customer support team, thus not being able to get in touch with all the leads.

According to American software company Marketo, 96% of website visitors are less likely to move ahead with a purchase. This customer mind-set coupled with the increasing website traffic lead to high abandonment rates and low customer satisfaction.

This is where the call back button comes to the rescue. A call back plugin on the website lets an interested visitor to have a direct conversation with the company at that instant or at a time that suits them. It eliminates the need to wait in frustrating queues, thus saving time and leaving lasting impression on the customer.

Though AI and bots have taken over much of the customer servicing sector, inculcating human interaction in every realm of business has its own impact as well. Through a call back option, you can leverage the potential of both technological and humane interaction. It will help in getting a greater conversion rate. It can decrease the lead response time and can enhance interest level of the customer.

A call back widget on a landing page ensures that every lead is provided with credible information. Thus it maximizes the chances of sales. With its features like instant call back and call routing, the technology makes sure that no customer is left out even during peak hours.

CallmeBack Widget

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To sum up, when it comes to contacting leads, every second matters. CallmeBack, with its instant call back feature, can shorten the lead response time and quicken the sales. Contact us at www.callmebackwidget.com for more details.