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Excellent Benefits of using Chatbots in Your Business

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A well-designed callback widget for your website, CallmeBack is a great option to stay connected with the customer base. With this WordPress plugin installed, you can contact customers in less than 7 seconds much easily.

This useful tool helps you save time by contacting each of the visitors individually or at once to improve sales volumes and increase conversions to close more deals. It provides an easy way to reach out via mail and phone to all your potential customers either one by one or in bulk. You get complete control over setting up CallmeBack widget on your website as per your business requirements. This call back wordpress widget helps you convert prospects into leads and then into customers instantly without any hassle. Just set it up and let it do its job.

The CallmeBack Plugin is a website widget that makes it easier to stay in touch with the visitors who came across your website but didn't make a purchase. If you are a business owner and trying hard to attract more customers by using every possible means, then this plugin is just what you need. With CallmeBack WordPress Plugin, you can be in touch with all potential buyers directly from your website – enriching their experience and increasing sales conversions immediately after they leave your online store without ordering anything. Even if they have blocked your emails or calls for any reason, now you can reach them instantly via mobile phone call at their convenience and close the deal as soon as possible. It will help grow your profit margins while reducing the marketing time and costs.

Setting Up CallmeBack Plugin is Easy:

Just install the plugin into your WordPress website, be sure to enter a valid phone number that will receive calls or text messages from customers who didn't make a purchase.

Enhance Your Website With Various Customization Options

You can easily customize the CallmeBack plugin to ensure better customer interaction, and increase sales conversion with advanced features of this call back wordpress widget. Once installed, all you need to do is add the code in any theme's sidebar (any position) or footer of your website. Also, you can select from 6 different styles of CallMeBack widgets to match your website layout completely if required. All possible options are available for free with this plugin! Currently these customizations are available:

Working With Different Page Types/Post Types: This useful WordPress plugin also works with different types of pages (e.g.: blog page or post page). You can target visitors who view any of your specific pages (by keywords) to personally interact with them. The CallmeBack plugin automatically detects the current page where the visitor is on and inserts a button near the top of your website which will activate as soon as it's clicked by visitors. Other options are available for selection while setting up CallmeBack widget such as sending individual or bulk mails, calling each visitor separately or together in private or public way, etc.