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How scheduled call backs can enhance customer experience

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Timely responses yield stunning results – this is true in every work field, especially business. When you contact a customer instantly to resolve his query, it leaves a lasting impression on his mind. This is what contributes to the growth of your business. However, this is not always the case when practically examined. Customer service team works under constant pressure to keep up the average handle times. This in turn leads to long hold times and frustrating customer experience.

Long hold time is indeed a bad sign for businesses. Most surveys point out that even a minute of hold time is too much for customers! Further, it leads to high abandonment rate as well. Implementing scheduled call-back functionality is the best solution to this dilemma.

It provides customers an opportunity to schedule a call from the support team at a time that is convenient to them. This cost-effective solution has its own added advantages. Firstly, it gives the impression that the customer is valued and so is his time. The call back plugin on the website allows the support team to handle peak business hours at ease. This is regardless of whether the spike in the number of calls is weekly or seasonal in nature.

Further, customers are not kept on hold and are contacted as per their convenience. It gives room for boosting the agent productivity and call centre efficiency. When a website visitor opts a scheduled call back, the most appropriate agent can answer the call. This leads to decreased agent handle time and increased first call resolution (FCR).

How CallmeBack can help your business?

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