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Improve Customer Engagement through Instant Call Back

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Today, customer engagement has become the top priority for many businesses. This is because a positive customer experience leads to greater chances of sales. Therefore, responding to a customer in a prompt manner has turned highly essential. This is where an instant call back service becomes crucial.

According to Software Advice, 60% of customers feel that even one minute of hold time is too long for them. So, there comes a need for an instant response from the customer support team.

A call back service facilitates this instant response. It provides a clear call-to-action to the customers. The click to call button on the website prompts interested visitors to drop their number so that they will get an instant call back. Thus the right information is delivered to them at the right time.

Above all, customers feel valued through instant response. They realize that businesses do take their queries seriously and make it a point to accurately respond to it. Customer engagement at its best.

CallmeBack’s Instant Call Back Service

CallmeBack widget on the website offers you many benefits. Most importantly, the instant call back service allows your visitor to contact you just after they drop their number. And, it all just takes 7 seconds! This heightens your chances of business conversion up by 60%.

Further, the call back tool decreases the page abandonment rate. Wondering how? This is because your website visitor is contacted while he is still on the website. This in turn enhances the customer engagement.

Moreover, the service also offers a scheduled call back facility. It lets your website visitors pick their comfortable timing for call back. This shows that your company respect your customers. As a result, the trust factor in your business increases.

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