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Customers call more frequently when they are ready to make a purchase. What happens if you are not available at time? At this juncture CallmeBack helps you to directly call your prospective customers while they are on your website. And that too within 7 seconds! It is fully customizable in order to suit your website theme. Also, other features will add more fuel to each step of your sales funnel. The features of this widget help in building a long lasting relationship with your clients.


Explore what callmeback widget on websites helps you achieve!

Instant Call Back

Responding to leads faster increases the chance of conversions to 80%.Callmeback widget enables the website visitors to connect with the company agent at the instant they drop their number.The process occurs within 7 seconds!


Customizable Plugin

callmeback widget can be easily customized with website theme in just few clicks.One can easily change the text content, size and colour that suits with the website theme and prompt website visitors to request a callback.

Instant Call Routing

With Instant Call routing feature one can easily forward the incoming calls to specific section of agents or call groups who are available at customer support.Thus you can ensure a faster response to website visitors.


Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking enables to integrate tracking of all live campaigns to admin area.It helps to view the number of interactions through live campaigns.All you want to do is to simply copy and paste the tracking code to admin area.

Real time Reporting

With real time reporting feature enables to track visitors and their interactions on website.Every single clicks, callback and conversion can be analysed thus increasing the ROI.


Call Recording

All calls using our callmeback widget can be recorded and saved.Whenever needed one can have a quick access to the recorded calls.

Customer Journey Analytics

User journey log helps to track the journey of your website visitors.It provides with a log of which page the visitor landed and further flow of the user through the website.This helps to identify the best performing pages and improvments to be made.


24/7 management

With callmeback widget business calls can be managed during and outside working hours.Call schedulding feature enables to set up the time at which website visitors can deal with the agents.All the calls are sure to be answered by a dedicated agent.

Schedule Call Back

Scheduling call back feature allows you to contact your clients at a time they prefer. The timely call will impress your customers and will help in retaining them as a loyal customer.

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Why CallmeBack widget?

Instill faith in customers’ minds

A direct one-to-one talk with customers will instill a faith in your company. This increase in trust factor is vital for a customer to make a purchase decision.


Immediate call to action

Most customers will request a call only after a good research on your website. So a call back to them will ease the decision making process and in thus sealing the deal.

Enables restructuring of your marketing strategy

The conversion tracking and real time reporting features provide detailed report on how your marketing campaigns are performing, and which landing pages are generating more leads. From this report, it is easy to sort the best performing pages and can rework the lesser performing ones. It will help you channelize the campaigns towards the right set of people.


Cost effective

CallmeBack widget is cost effective than toll free numbers. You can select a suitable plan according to the needs of your business. Mainly we offer three plans.

Improves customer experience

CallmeBackmakes sure that your clients reach the correct sales agents or the correct customer support executives. This will result in correct customer engagement and their queries will be properly answered, thereby making customers happy.


Easy to use

For the customers, they just need to enter mobile number and click the call button. From business’ side, call will automatically be placed to your call agent. This will increase productivity as it reduces the time spent on placing calls.

No call wait

Once the customer clicks the call button, call will instantly be routed to the particular agent who is freely available at the customer support. This will reduce call waiting and call abandonment.